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09-07-2018, 01:51 AM
The game is introduced: "the hero alliance" is the 3D giant arena battle network game developed by the Riot Games of the United States. Its team is composed of the core figures of powerful Dota-Allstars,http://www.diced.jp/~vi/cgi-bin/test/line_kuro/clever.cgi?mode=res&no=3186, and the art, program and planners of the famous game companies such as Blizzard, extending the DOTA's play from the combat platform to the Internet game world. In addition to DotA's game rhythm, instant strategy, and team operations, the hero alliance has a unique hero and an automatic matching battle network platform, including talent tree,http://natsu-gin.29q.org/cgi-bin/lomo/apeboard_plus.cgi/, Summoner system, Fu Wen and other elements to make players feel new heroic battles.
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