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09-02-2018, 05:59 PM
according to the white paper of meteorology, in 2017, Foshan's overall weather climate characteristics were "high temperature, high temperature outburst, excessive rainfall and typhoon influence". Last year, the annual average temperature of the city was 23.4 degrees centigrade, which was about 0.9 degrees centigrade higher than that of the normal year; the number of high temperature days in summer was 41.7 days, 21.1 days more than that of the normal year; the extreme maximum temperature was 39.2 C (Shunde? August 22nd), and the annual extreme minimum temperature was 4.8 centigrade (three water? December 18th). The precipitation in 2017 is much more than that in the whole city. The annual precipitation is 1790.5 millimeters, which is nearly 10% higher than that of the whole year. One of the biggest climatic characteristics of last year was that the extreme weather climate events were relatively large, in which May was affected by the South Branch and the shear line, the rainfall was frequent and the heavy rainfall occurred, which caused a certain influence. In addition, the typhoon "Miao Bai" in the former flood season entered the Foshan defense area, the typhoon during the post flood season was active, and there were 10 typhoons (TAS). Rock, mulberry, Begonia, pigeon, parka, Mala, Gu Chao, Du Surui, and Cano) entered the defense area. The typhoon "sea anemone" entered the defensive area in non flood season, and the "Pigeon" "Parka" caused a more obvious rain and rain in Foshan. "The" "Mala" and "Cano" also caused a more obvious influence. The meteorological department predicted that the annual view deviation of this year, the annual average temperature in Foshan is about 0.5 centigrade higher than that of the normal year, and the annual rainfall is about 10% less than that of the normal year. The meteorological disasters mainly show the drought and flood, the typhoon is relatively obvious, the stage and local meteorological disasters are prominent. With the development of the Internet and the intelligent industry, the Foshan meteorological department has decided to launch a variety of innovative measures this year to make the weather forecast and early warning communication more timely and accurate. According to the plan, this year, Foshan will improve the operation mechanism of the fine town forecast and early warning, use the emergency broadcasting system to explore the target to the early warning, carry on the disaster prevention and disaster reduction, explore the feasibility of using TV set-top box to disseminate early warning signal, and promote the meteorological disaster information such as typhoon,http://www.nkszyzz.com/E_GuestBook.asp, torrential rain and tornado to be well known; The use of emergency warning platform and Internet plus meteorological services, expand the coverage of early warning, early warning information released to the system based on the target of GIS, improve the accuracy of early warning. This year, the meteorological department decided to explore the flood prevention and early warning of tornado, such as tornado, in Foshan radio, Foshan, Foshan online or Foshan TV station, to ensure that every family can use more than one channel to obtain meteorological disaster warning information. Yesterday, the Foshan meteorological department announced about 15 kinds of meteorological forecast and early warning issuing and receiving channels. It is understood that at present, more and more people are receiving Foshan weather forecast and early warning through WeChat, micro-blog and other mobile platforms. When a major weather affects, when to suspend classes becomes a topic of greatest concern to parents. In this year's Foshan meteorological white paper, the "suspended bell", which has been widely tested in our province, has also been written into the white paper's Guide to meteorological service channels. According to introduction, the Guangdong Province meteorological disaster prevention regulations clearly stipulates that the meteorological department issued the typhoon yellow, orange, red warning signal and rainstorm red warning signal to stop the class signal >

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