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02-23-2017, 05:47 AM
For everyone, the home decoration is a very important thing, because the decoration of the people related to people's later life, but also related to people's life fortune.
Home decoration style is diverse, classical style of luxury extravagance; simple style of arbitrary; delicate style noble and solemn; natural style of comfortable Smart; brisk style generous and generous; elegant style of gentle and gentle; fresh style of light freehand ; People in the home decoration first to choose the style of decoration, and then according to the style to choose the decoration materials, furniture and furnishings.
No matter what kind of style of home decoration is a large part of the floor, home is the habitat of people living in a set of home can have different classification. And each different sort of room is of different use, in every different area of the home floor is slightly different. Such as the living room, in the living room will use bright and simple floor, so as to allow the living room to reflect the owner's hospitality.
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