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01-03-2018, 03:41 AM
pandora charms sale uk (http://www.charmloveyou.co.uk/) Disney week continues on Mora Pandora, with my next Pandora Disney Spring 2017 review: last time we covered Tigger, one of my absolute favourites from the new collection and from Winnie the Pooh in general. Today we’re dipping into the world of Peter Pan, with a closer look at the two new Tinker Bell charms for this season! One of the things that strikes me most about these two new Tinker Bell beads is that, while they’re undoubtedly sweet, they nevertheless have a touch more elegance about them than some of the other Disney beads, which are often brightly coloured or on the cutesier side. These charms would go beautifully on a fairy tale theme, or a floral bracelet design, without being too explicitly ‘Disney’. The enamel extends right the way around the charm, including the base of the shoe. The smoothness and lack of detail on the shoe really works to show off how pretty the enamel is – it’s very reflective and glassy in its finish.

pandora uk outlet sale (http://www.charmloveyou.co.uk/) I’m focusing on just the one styling today – one of my works in progress, my forest green Tinker Bell bracelet. I feel like this bracelet really shows off my preferred method of styling newer Pandora pieces – mixing my favourites of the new collections with classic charms that I’ve picked up on sale. The green Ladybug murano was a recent bargain from the Pandora UK eStore at £5, while the peridot Birthday Bloom, Peacock, Folklore muranos and daisy clips are all among my latest Rue La La purchases. The Autumn 2013 collection in general looks stunning with the Tinker Bell beads! Today’s post wraps up my impromptu little Pandora Disney week, with a review of another much-loved face from Winnie the Pooh: the adorably anxious Piglet. This is another charm that, along with Tigger, I knew I had to have from the SS17 collections. The Pandora Disney line is one where you can still get amazingly detailed character beads, and Piglet, with his little teddy bear, shows all those cute details that Pandora have historically bestowed upon their animal beads.

pandora charms uk sale (http://www.charmloveyou.co.uk/disney/) Piglet’s face is much more close to the actual character when you see him in person – the shadows in the stock image distort his features a little bit, but he’s very nicely done. I’m not sure where the teddy bear comes from, however, as I struggled to find any pictures of him online holding one – but it’s a very cute addition! It’s almost as nicely detailed as Piglet himself, with a fully drawn face. Two little charms for the price of one. Piglet is detailed in a brighter enamel of a different code to that of Tigger or Eeyore; it matches the Latin Love Heart from the Valentine’s 2017 collection and it’s super vibrant. This makes it a little harder to style than the other two pink Winnie the Pooh beads – it is much more likely to clash with other colours. As far as dangles go, he hangs quite low, but he’s not too heavy. I know that a lot of people don’t really go in for the dangle charms, but you can see how the format has given the designers more freedom with his pose and proportions.

pandora uk sale clearance (http://www.charmloveyou.co.uk/essence/) You’ve already seen this bracelet, but I thought I’d post another photo of it for good measure. After taking this picture, I did rearrange this bracelet a little so that I could fit my silver Pooh Portrait charm on it as well. I took the Scottie Dog off and swapped Pooh on. Sometimes you get so used to charms being in a particular design that it doesn’t really occur to you that you can change them! The Scottie Dog has always been on this bracelet, and it was like a slap-your-forehead moment for me when I realised that he really wasn’t crucial to this design, haha. It’s so great to see Pandora continuing with more characters from the wonderful world of Winnie the Pooh: when it comes to Disney, my preference is for the cute and quirky animals. I’d love to see them do Bambi or Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians. Piglet is very sweet indeed, and goes very nicely with the other Pooh beads they’ve done so far.